Revolver Office for Mac8.4.11r3 / 8.4.12 RC 2

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Intuitive office software for your Mac that includes an organizer, a project manager, an order processor, includes e-mail support and more.

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Revolver Office is designed to be a complete solution for managing business of all sizes: you can plan and track projects, monitor tasks and staff members, keep track of clients, generate invoices, and much more.

The Revolver Office edition is the most complete version offered by the Revolver developers: you can opt for the Revolver Solo release that is intended for small businesses, or for Revolver Mail that is free and allows you to organize projects and comes with email support.

However, keep in mind that Revolver Office requires you to pay a monthly fee that depends on the number of people that will use the service. On the developer’s website you can view the pricing details, or visualize the differences between the three Revolver editions.

Compact and intuitive interface

The Revolver Office main window is separated in three main areas: the center is reserved for visualizing the content of various categories, while a left panel provides a list of all included tools. The panel placed on the right side of the main window displays all the available functions attached to the currently selected tool.

Extensive office tools

Revolver Office is focused on dealing with all the daily tasks that come up when managing a business: in the Organizer category you can read emails, access your Address Book, view your calendar, create tasks lists, or write down letters and memos.

At the same time, in the CRM area you can track new business opportunities, complaints, and any other type of information relevant to your activity. In the Projects section you can track your own or others activity, plan projects, monitor resources, or keep staff records (including leave applications).

Furthermore, the Invoicing component allows you to monitor sales and payments, or generate invoices. Last but not least, the Reports panel provides a wide lists of analysis tools that will help you learn more about your activity.

Comprehensive business management solution

Revolver Office includes a plethora of efficient tools that can help you organize your business activity, plan projects, keep track of clients or new opportunities, and much more. On the down side, both the user manual and the online Support Center are available only in German, so, if you do not know the language, you will have to make due on your own.

Revolver Office was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on July 22nd, 2015
Revolver Office - From Revolver Office's main window you will be able to view and access all its features.Revolver Office - The Email tab helps you write and send emails to your employees, business partners and clients.Revolver Office - By accessing the Address Book, you can view, edit and organize all your business contacts.Revolver Office - screenshot #4Revolver Office - screenshot #5Revolver Office - screenshot #6Revolver Office - screenshot #7Revolver Office - screenshot #8Revolver Office - screenshot #9Revolver Office - screenshot #10Revolver Office - screenshot #11Revolver Office - screenshot #12Revolver Office - screenshot #13

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