PressGenie for Mac

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Estimation, quotation, job ticket, job tracking and job report software for the printing and advertising industries





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PressGenie is a job management system including 100% accurate, user friendly and time saving estimation - quotation - job ticket creation for printing houses.
PressGenie is a user friendly, easily configurable and multiuser software system.
Last updated on May 29th, 2014
PressGenie - This window allows you to open the jobs, quotations and job tickets list and generate reports.PressGenie - From this window you can add, remove or edit jobs, quotations and job tickets.PressGenie - This menu will allow you to set the users, clients, material options and more.PressGenie - The database preferences cab be adjusted in this window.PressGenie - In this window users can modify the quotation settings.PressGenie - From this tab you can set the job ticket preferences.PressGenie - In this window you can edit the default database ID prefix and more.

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