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A helpful embroidery application that enables you to preview a wide variety of stitch files and generate detailed printable reports

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If you work in the embroidery industry and you need an application capable to display and help you visualize different kinds of stitch files on your Mac then PowerPunch is the app you are looking for.

Thanks to PowerPunch you can display various stitch files and show them to possible clients and generate detailed reports. PowerPunch comes with a powerful and intuitive browser that allows you to search and preview multiple stitch files. You can even drag and drop the folders containing the desired stitch files onto PowerPunch's main window.

What is more, PowerPunch allows you to drag the generated previews directly into your Finder and copy the files in the same manner by holding the option key while moving the files. Additionally, you can save PowerPunch previews into your stitch files as custom icons, fact that enables you to sort and manage your files from within the Finder window.

PowerPunch’s Inspector window provides a simple yet powerful measurement utility featuring a 2mm grid and crosshairs, which can help you perform distance measurements. On top of that, PowerPunch can display your design at the actual size and allows you to pan and zoom in for a better view.

Moreover, PowerPunch is capable to display or hide the thread layers and view hidden run stitches. More demanding users can even simulate a complete stitchout from start to finish and view how underlay stitches build up virtually before producing it with a machine.

PowerPunch also helps you assign different thread colors from the desired manufacturer, design or use the color picker to assign colors manually. You can even change the background color and save your preferences alongside your stitch files in order no to lose them. The PDF reporting feature helps you view all sorts of data about a design and generate detailed reports and entire catalogs in the PDF format.

In conclusion, PowerPunch is a fully-featured embroidery application that features powerful tools and features, which you can use to manage and organize your stitch files.

PowerPunch was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on January 17th, 2014
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