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Powerful and streamlined OS X application that makes it possible to organize your ideas and projects in a simple and efficient manner

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OmniOutliner is a user-oriented and robust OS X utility that aims to provide you with an intuitive yet powerful interface for effortlessly collecting, organizing and manipulating various bits and pieces of information.

Minimal and user-friendly information outliner

Moreover, OmniOutliner’s user interface was designed from the get-go to allow you to outline vast collections of information in such a manner that would make them simpler to grasp and analyze as a whole.

OmniOutliner also comes with a wide array of document templates that can be employed to create any type of project with ease, from simple and streamlined budget tracking to complex and intricate novel outlines.

Furthermore, OmniOutliner can be used to rapidly create a wide variety of data structures for efficient and streamlined brainstorming sessions.

Jot down and organize text in any way you need

In addition, the OmniOutliner app makes it simple to write down and organize an entire novel from start to finish, as well as structure the text using reference nodes for a swiftly obtaining a detailed overview of all that’s going on in the story with a single glimpse over the text.

You can use OmniOutliner to speedily give an easy to understand shape to a collection of separate bits of information. Thus, you will be able to focus on collecting info on a given subject and worry less about organizing and interpreting it.

Annotate your information for simpler and easier analysis

One other powerful OmniOutliner feature is its outstanding annotation capability, designed to help you add relevant information to any data within your collection with a simple mouse click.

Also worth mentioning is that TrailRunner enables you to plan your projects, to track your tasks and scheduled events and to manage simple, yet effective to-do lists that should keep you productive even when you’re calendar is filled with meetings and events.

Robust and user-oriented information arranger

All things considered, OmniOutliner makes for a really powerful and user intuitive information collector and outliner, with a really strong focus on delivering every tool needed to structure your data via a simple and easy to work with interface.

OmniOutliner was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on August 1st, 2015

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