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A versatile note taking application that helps you combine traditional note taking tools with multimedia content, audio recording and hand writing

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NoteLedge is a powerful Mac OS X application that provides the required tools and features to take notes with ease. Moreover, NoteLedge comes with a long list of functions like handwriting, typing, image editing, audio and video recording.

Note-taking app for everyday use

NoteLedge comes with an interesting interface that places various panels on the sides of your Mac’s desktop. From the left side, you can quickly access your archive and insert text, shapes, audio, photos and videos in your notes. At the same time you can visit the built-in Store and purchase various features such as stamps, covers and more.

In the middle of your screen you will be able to create, edit preview your notes’ content. Hence, you can handwrite thoughts and ideas, type lists, record audio notes, place photos or videos and more. Thanks to the right side panel, you can switch between different pens and brushes, change and adjust their properties, view the list with all your notes and access the Navigator.

Handy Navigator gadget for easy cropping

Navigator is a straightforward gadget that helps you take snapshots of your note’s content and past it anywhere you want within other notes. If you use a drawing panel you can easily write notes and even draw or sketch on virtual paper.

As mentioned earlier, you can take advantage of a small set of brushes, pencils, crayons and more, use different fonts, colors and sizes as you type. In addition, you can insert shapes, record audio or video.

Customizable note paper and notebook cover

What is more, you can choose between twenty notebook covers and select the graph, ruled, loose-leaf, dot or grind note paper as your everyday canvas. You can even customize the note papers with your own pictures.

NoteLedge allows you to backup your notes to Drobox but does not provide iCloud support. On top of that, NoteLedge’s interface is not very intuitive and can require some time to get used to it. On the bright side you can share your notes via Facebook, Twitter or email in PDF or NL format.

NoteLedge was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on June 10th, 2015
NoteLedge - From NoteLedge's main window you can easily write down notes, record voice memos and more.NoteLedge - The navigator helps you take snapshots, apply borders and stamps with ease.NoteLedge - By accessing the Preference window, you can change the font color and paper style.NoteLedge

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