Navicat for Oracle for Mac11.1.15

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A powerful and reliable database administration and development tool for Oracle that enables you to effortlessly create, access, organize and share information

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Navicat for Oracle is a fully-featured Mac OS X application specially made to increase and improve the productivity and efficiency of Oracle developers and administrators.

User-oriented database development and administration tool

Navicat for Oracle’s streamlined working environment offers access to the core functionality of Oracle and to a long list of tools and features such as data and structure synchronization, data modeling tool, import and export functions and report generation tools.

From Navicat for Oracle’s user oriented interface you can easily and quickly create, access, organize and share information efficiently and securely, a fact that enables you to optimize your Oracle administration.

Moreover, Navicat for Oracle seamlessly works with database servers from version 8i or above and supports most of the latest Oracle objects features, like Tablespace, Directory, Materialized View, Synonym, Type, Sequence, Trigger and more.

Intuitive and powerful visual database designer

With the help of the Data Modeling Tool you can create graphical representations of a relation database while the Reverse Engineer feature helps you create a database model using an existing database. This enables you to visualize and edit the structure of the database with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Furthermore, Navicat for Oracle’s Data Modeling tool also helps you compare or synchronize models and databases, and offers you the option to generate SQL / DDL scripts.

Easily build queries and import or export data into and from your databases

The advanced Oracle Management Tools PL/SQL Debugger make it easy for you to set breakpoints, view and modify variable values, step through the program and examine the call stack. In addition, you can debug PL/SQL code such as object methods, procedures and functions, as well as triggers directly from within Navicat for Oracle’s environment.

What is more, Navicat for Oracle helps you build complex queries and construct SQL statements in SQL Editor with the help of the code/word completion feature. You also have the option to import data intro your databases from popular file formats such as CSV, XML, XLS, TXT and DBF.

Navicat for Oracle was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on September 16th, 2015
Navicat for Oracle - screenshot #1Navicat for Oracle - screenshot #2Navicat for Oracle - screenshot #3Navicat for Oracle - In the New Connection window you can easily create and test a new connection.Navicat for Oracle - In the Advanced tab you can change the settings locationNavicat for Oracle - By accessing the main window of the application you will be able to open the desired connections.Navicat for Oracle - screenshot #7Navicat for Oracle - screenshot #8Navicat for Oracle - screenshot #9Navicat for Oracle - screenshot #10Navicat for Oracle - screenshot #11Navicat for Oracle - screenshot #12Navicat for Oracle - screenshot #13Navicat for Oracle - screenshot #14Navicat for Oracle - screenshot #15Navicat for Oracle - screenshot #16Navicat for Oracle - screenshot #17

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