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Uncomplicated Mac OS X application that enables you to effortlessly keep track of your personal medical information in a clean and organized user interface.

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My Medical provides a well structured user interface that enables you to monitor the medical situation of multiple users. The app can store general details about the user’s vitals, but can also include medication info, test results, allergies, surgical procedures, and so on.

Streamlined medical records utility that can handle extensive details for multiple users

Finding you way around the My Medical user interface is extremely intuitive: the list of supported information categories is available on the left, while on the right you can edit their content. Moreover, a small button placed in the bottom left corner allows you to add new users to your database.

In addition, My Medical is able to integrate with your Contacts and Calendar apps, which means that you can quickly import contact details, or set reminders in your calendar. For your convenience, My Medical allows you to see the available information in table, list, or graph mode (especially useful when dealing with test results).

Centralize all your medical information and share the data with your doctor

Within the My Medical app you also get to import files that contain your test results and other related information. Since the app is covering a wide range of details regarding your current medical situation, exporting the database and sharing it with your new doctor can save a lot of time.

My Medical allows you to export the information to text, PDF, spreadsheet, CCR (Continuity of Care Record), or archive files. In addition, by using a Dropbox account, My Medical is able to sync your data to multiple devices in no time.

Forthright and comprehensive medical record keeping solution for personal use

My Medical is a great tool to have around if you want to keep detailed records about the medical situation of all your family members: the app is able to handle multiple users, and is able to store an extensive amount of data, including test results for various investigations.

My Medical was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on March 2nd, 2015
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