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A useful and practical application that enables you to control your IP surveillance cameras or DVR and view live video feed from your devices

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If you are searching for an surveillance application that can offer full control over your IP cameras or DVR and display live video feed, search no further.

MultiClient is a straightforward OS X application capable to simultaneously receive live video feeds from multiple IP cameras and footage from your DVR. MultiClient features a customizable and intuitive interface from which you can control your surveillance cameras and take snapshots.

IP cameras, or Internet protocol cameras, are simple digital video cameras used for surveillance as a result of their ability to send and receive data via a private network or Internet.

From MultiClient’s main window you can view up to sixteen different video feeds that you can organize in four different screen layouts. Thanks to the full screen mode you can take full advantage of your Mac’s screen and view all the feeds at once.

The Device List helps you keep track of all your devices, add or remove a camera or DVR and configure the remote access. To add a new device you just have to click on the “Plus” button, give it a name and type in the address, port, user along with the password and optionally write a note or observation.

You can zoom in or out, decrease or increase the aperture along with the focus and pan the camera left or right, up or down. The camera controls are smooth, responsive and intuitive. By accessing the Alarms window, you can view all the alarms along with the name, address and the channel of the device that recorded the alarm. What is more, you can check the alarm type and trigger time and clean the list with just a mouse click.

All in all, MultiClient is a smooth-running and very easy-to-use surveillance application that enables you to take control over your IP cameras or DVR and view live or recorded feed and analyze the camera alarms for all your devices.

MultiClient was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on November 6th, 2013

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