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Straightforward and powerful mind mapping Mac OS X application that offers you the possibility to effortlessly organize your ideas.

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Visually organizing your ideas and projects can be extremely beneficial, because it can provide a new perspective for all sorts of problems. MindNode is a straightforward Mac app that can help you build graphic representations in no time.

Well structured mind mapping application featuring basic but efficient tools

A large chuck of the MindNode’s main window is reserved for the canvas area, while most frequently used functions can be accessed via the top toolbar.

You can easily create or remove nodes, you can make different connections, and you have the option to fold specific branches in order to gain more space (of course, you can reverse the action).

MindNode also provides support for simple customizations: you can change the font style and color (the default themes can be modified via the Preferences window), or you can browse your iPhoto or Aperture media libraries and drag and drop images you want to include in your project.

Seamlessly share your projects with others or sync it to your iPhone

Since MindNode has a counterpart application developed for iOS devices, you can easily sync your projects between all your gadgets with minimal effort. At the same time, once you have saved your current project to the disk, MindNode helps you share it with others by using the Mail or Messages application.

Last but not least, MindNode provides a collection of hot-keys that can help you trigger actions related to node creation, editing, or space key behavior.

User friendly yet highly effective mind mapping software that can help you get the job done in no time

MindNode proposes a simple workflow and enables you to create professional looking graphs in no time: you can add an unlimited number of nodes, create various connections, use different colors to differentiate between topics easier, and so on.

Considering the fluidity with which you can input new data, MindNode is great to have around during brainstorming sessions.

MindNode was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on October 6th, 2015
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