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Powerful and simple to use OS X scientific calculator and function plotter designed to make it simple for users to perform advanced calculation and visualize functions on their Macs

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Magic Calculator is a straightforward and intuitive OS X scientific calculator which, apart from allowing to make advanced calculations using functions and variables, will also make it very easy to effortlessly plot a function using its built-in graph engine.

Moreover, although being designed to help you write any mathematical expressions using infix notation, Magic Calculator will also enable you to use natural notation to ease the way you’re interacting with it while calculation and visualizing the results.

Support for variable based functions

Magic Calculator allows you define functions with multiple variables, each of them separately editable and updated in real-time if they’re connected to one another.

In addition, plotting the graph for any function you select can be done effortlessly by opening Magic Calculator's Graph window and choosing the functions to draw.

Adjustable graph tool

Within the Graph window, users can also adjust the resulting graph output’s minimum and maximum values on the x and y scales, as well as the resolution of the graph, with the help of a simple to use slider control.

All function plots are drawn almost instantly and, the fact that the Graph window features its own controls for further customizing the resulting graph, helps the Magic Calculator app to provide you with all the tools needed to obtain custom and high resolution plots for any math function.

Complex math function calculator and plotter

All in all, if you’re looking for a simple to use calculator with advanced calculation capabilities and an intuitive function plotter for creating your own graphs quickly and effortlessly, Magic Calculator is the tool for you.

Magic Calculator was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on May 1st, 2015
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