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A light and unobtrusive application specially designed to encourage you to take short breaks after a long period of computer use

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If most of your working time is spent in front of your Mac and you need an application that can remind you to take a break every once in a while, then Healthy Habits is the perfect app for you.

Low-key and user-friendly interface

Healthy Habits is a useful and discreet application that promises to help you stay active and healthy in spite of carrying most of your work using your Mac. Healthy Habits promotes the use of short breaks between extended periods of intense computer use.

From Healthy Habits’ status bar menu you can easily and effortlessly activate or deactivate the application and access the Preferences window. The activation or deactivation of Healthy Habits can be instantly performed by clicking directly on the menu bar icon. An empty tree indicates the inactivity of the application while the presence of a grayed out tree indicates that Healthy Habits is active.

User-definable break and working periods

The Preferences window helps you configure Healthy Habits to automatically start at login and auto-activate every time the application is launched. In addition you can allow Healthy Habits to display the Preferences window when the app is opened.

Moreover, you can use the first slider to set the time period between each break. The working sessions can have the length anywhere between 10 minutes and 3 hours depending on your working habits and preferences. As expected, you can also adjust the length of your breaks and enjoy short breaks of 1 or 5 minutes or 30 minutes rest periods.

It is advised to set the length of your breaks according to the duration of the working period. What is more, Healthy Habits is capable to automatically detect when your computer is not used and postpone the break notification message. Healthy Habits also allows you to skip a break if you do not have time for a break.

Healthy Habits was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on February 20th, 2014
Healthy Habits - From Healthy Habits' status bar menu you can easily enable or disable the application.Healthy Habits - The Preferences window helps you adjust the time between brakes as well as the length of the break.Healthy Habits - At the end of a working session, Healthy Habits automatically displays a notification window that encourages you to take a break.

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