Growly Calendar for Mac1.1.2

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Provides support for a shared everyday use calendar






Growly Calendar is a straightforward scheduling tool designed for everyday home use. Growly Calendar works great if you have just one computer, but it really shines when you want to coordinate calendars across multiple computers.

You don’t need a server, a MobileMe iDisk, or any other kind of central access point. All you need is an email account on each computer that you want to synchronize.

This is not a business calendar: you specify starting times for appointments but not their length. Growly Calendar doesn’t have fancy doodads for handling overlapping events. It can’t coordinate different persons’ schedules.

Growly Calendar is designed to keep track of appointments in your family’s day, as well as birthdays, holidays and other special occasions.
Last updated on December 1st, 2014
Growly Calendar - You will be able to easily create reminders, to-dos, appointments and tasks.Growly Calendar - The Occasions window allows you to set the date for any occasion and a reminder for the occasions.Growly Calendar - To-do notes can also be easily managed in the To-Do window.Growly Calendar - screenshot #4Growly Calendar - screenshot #5Growly Calendar - screenshot #6Growly Calendar - screenshot #7

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