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Very easy to use application that makes personal accounting fun






Grisbi is a personnal accounting application running under GNU/Linux and Windows, released under the GPL licence.

Our aim is to provide you with the most simple and intuitive software for basic use, and still very powerful if you spend a little time on the setup.

Grisbi can manage multiple accounts, currencies and users. It manages third party, expenditure and receipt categories, as well as budgetary lines, financial years, and other informations that makes it quite adapted for associations (except those that require double entry accounting). The exhaustive list of Grisbi's functionalities can be found in the User's guide, paragraph 1.2.

The complete manual under FDL license is avaliable on line (Documentation in the main menu). The version coming with the software is not illustrated, but can be replaced by the illustrated version any time, being availiable for download on this site. The manual will be soon completed with a Guide concerning accounting for associations.

If you want to keep updated with Grisbi releases, you may subscribe to the information mailing list (see Contacts) and if you like to live dangerously you even can download the unstable sources from CVS and compile them. Information about this is in the Manual paragraph 2.1.11.

Last but not least, all contributors are welcome to help us in our endeavor to make Grisbi internationalized.
Last updated on March 30th, 2014
Grisbi - In this window you can access account information.Grisbi - Here you can visualize transactions made with your account.Grisbi - This is where you can schedule actions.Grisbi - In this window you can access the credit simulation tool.GrisbiGrisbiGrisbiGrisbiGrisbiGrisbiGrisbiGrisbiGrisbiGrisbiGrisbiGrisbiGrisbiGrisbiGrisbiGrisbi

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