Freeplane 1.3.12 / 1.3.14 Pre 1

A powerful, reliable and very easy to use mind mapping application available for all important platforms, including Mac OS X.
Freeplane - In this window you can create a new mind map.
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Freeplane is a free and open source application created for mind mapping, knowledge management, project management.

Freeplane's core includes information or concept mapping, tools for using mapped information, as well as mind mapping functions.

Main features:

  • Better inline_editor for all plain text nodes
  • Edge like connectors (available from connector pop-up menu)
  • External objects: External bitmap and SVG images can be attached using menu Insert->External object and resized
  • Image size can be reseted double clicking on the bottom right corner
  • Images can be scaled by dragging the bottom right corner
  • Insert image dialog and insert external object dialog have file previews
  • F-Toolbar
  • Find or Replace in all open maps
  • Full screen mode
  • Hidden Edge Style
  • Horizontal Edge Style
  • Hot keys can be set by pressing left mouse button on menu item and holding CONTROL key
  • Outline view
  • Portable Freeplane
  • Selective paste from edit menu (Paste as...)
  • Spell checker
  • Structured HTML paste
  • New filtering features
  • Date based filter
  • Filter conditions for numeric values return false for non numeric values
  • Filter based on link labels
  • Filter history
  • Filter menu
  • Filter tool bar can be hidden like all other tool bars,
  • Filter status is displayed in status line
  • Other features
  • All backup or autosave files are numbered from 1 to maximum number, the bigger number the latest file.
  • Automatic backup for all loaded files on first save.
  • Backup and autosave use directory ".backup" created in the map directory.
  • Edit nodes with line breaks in in-line editor (alt+enter to quit , shift+enter for line break)
  • Enable link pop-up menu even if neither target nor source node is selected.
  • Exception traces for internal errors are automatically sent to freeplane team for analysis.
  • Export Using XSLT
  • Hide tabs if only one map is loaded
  • Icon actions moved in separate menu
  • Icon toolbar hidden by default
  • Linking to arbitrary URI integrated
  • Links where target or source are selected are found first.
  • New icons: 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%
  • New navigation actions useful for presentation "next node" and "previous node". They traverse the map in depth-first order.
  • Personal modification color can be set in prefeences
  • Plain text search for filter in html nodes added
  • Priority filters based on priority icons
  • Text labels can be added to any end and in the middle of any link by link pop-up menu
  • Text rendering mode use more exact fractional metric based version.
  • The action is also available from pop-up menu
  • The attached file can be opened by double click on the image itself
  • The same zooms applies to all maps
  • Zoom keep selected node position
  • Zoom saved between sessions

last updated on:
November 24th, 2014, 9:15 GMT
file size:
25.3 MB
license type:
developed by:
Dimitry Polivaev
operating system(s):
Mac OS X
binary format:
Universal Binary
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17 Screenshots
Freeplane - Some format actions can be accessed this way.Freeplane - Here you can visualize the HTML code.Freeplane - Some visualization actions can be accessed this way.Freeplane - Various items can be inserted from here.FreeplaneFreeplaneFreeplaneFreeplaneFreeplaneFreeplaneFreeplaneFreeplaneFreeplaneFreeplaneFreeplaneFreeplane
What's New in version 1.3.14 Pre 1
  • Use oracle launcher for MacOS
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