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A popular and free open source mind mapping application that can be used to easily conduct experiments or write essays using your Mac

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FreeMind provides you with the ability to keep your own knowledge base or create your own mind maps. It comes with complete support for keeping track of your projects, but it's also a workplace for Internet research using popular resources like Google.

Design anything from simple diagrams to intricate mind maps

FreeMind is also suitable for brainstorming and essays, allowing you to store your ideas and organize them with ease in order to create impressive projects.

Moreover, you can also create and keep a small information database using FreeMind and also manage all your mind maps via a simple and user-friendly interface.

Inbuilt HTML support and exporting options

Furthermore, the FreeMind application includes a feature which permits the following of HTML link stored in the nodes, and also provides the ability to export your mind maps to HTML.

In addition, FreeMind comes bundled with smart drag and drop, smart copying and pasting, as well as a Find feature, designed to help you search and find elements included within your mind-maps.

FreeMind also enables you to edit long multi-line nodes, decorate nodes with icons, fonts and colors or browse the files on your computer, seeing the folder structure as mindmaps.

Edit your mind maps’ source code

What’s more, via the main window of the FreeMind app, you can add a wide variety of items to your mind maps, like notes or attachments. FreeMind also features an HTML code view mode which gives you quick access to your mind map’s easily editable source code.

As an added bonus, FreeMind comes with support for colored texts, so that you can easily create colorful mind maps, when needed. On top of that, you can also use multiple fonts, thus ensuring that your projects will stand out.

Support for a vast array of languages

Additionally, FreeMind is a multi-language utility designed to provide complete and extensive support for more than 10 different languages.

FreeMind was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on June 22nd, 2015
FreeMind - By accessing the main window of the application you will be able to create a new mindmap.FreeMind - Users can also view the mindmap's HTML code, if needed.FreeMind - One can also change the text color used in the mindmap, if needed.FreeMind - One can also change the current font.FreeMind - Various items can be inserted from this panel.FreeMind - screenshot #6FreeMind - screenshot #7FreeMind - screenshot #8FreeMind - screenshot #9FreeMind - screenshot #10FreeMind - screenshot #11FreeMind - screenshot #12FreeMind - screenshot #13

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