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An application that allows OS X users to both track and optimize their staff's daily schedule, manage days off, the holidays program, and more.

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The efficient management of resources and available time is essential for the success of any project: xTeam is a versatile Mac OS X application that can help you track your team’s activity and schedule events taking into account the weekly working schedule, holidays or absences, available assets, and so on.

Effortless to install team tracking and management solution

The xTeam installation procedure is reduced to simply dragging and dropping the app’s icon to the Applications directory: the utility will not run from any other location.

At first launch xTeam will also ask to import contact details from your Contacts OS X application: since you do not have to manually input the data, managing your team members will be a lot easier.

Create the team’s schedule, assign tasks, and manage resources

The next step is to create a new database that will contain all the details about your team’s schedule. By default, xTeam organizes your resources into management, sales and staff: simply input the details of each team member, customize its working schedule, input the announced days off, and so on.

Similarly, the team’s assignments are organized into different categories: even if xTeam comes with predefined groups, you can easily change their name and color tag, or simply create new ones. To actually schedule a task, simply drag and drop it in the calendar view, on top of the intended day of the week.

Generate reports and allow team members to access the schedule remotely

For your convenience, xTeam automatically generates activity reports for the entire team and for each individual: simply switch the viewing mode and you will be able to preview the documents.

What’s more, if the remote access is enabled, any team member that has the xTeamView app installed on their computer will be able to visualize the team’s schedule from a remote location.

xTeam was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on September 23rd, 2015
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