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Bookkeeping software that packs a collection of handy templates and presets to streamline the data entry, and analysis tools to evaluate costs, profit and loss

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Designed to help you keep track of your business accounts and activity, Easy Books is a comprehensive OS X application that packs efficient tools for recording transactions, generating invoices, or monitoring stock.

Furthermore, Easy Books includes powerful analysis capabilities and can automatically determine your profit and loss, create balance sheets, or generate various types of reports regarding your cash flow, top customers, top suppliers, aged debts, and so on.

Versatile bookkeeping solution that can get you started in no time

When you add a new company to the Easy Books application, you must employ one of the available templates or examples. You can also sync the details of a company stored in the Online Syncing Easy Books service, or you can simply “copy” a previously defined company.

This is quite helpful because, depending on the choice, Easy Books will automatically generate various types of accounts and transactions, which means that it is easier for the user to insert relevant data about its business or accounts.

Keep track of customers and suppliers, and generate professional-looking invoices with just a few clicks

Within the Easy Books main window you have the possibility to create extensive databases containing both your customers and suppliers contacts. At the same time, you get to record stock and services transactions, which means that you can keep a close eye on your goods.

Easy Books also provides predefined document templates, which means that you can generate invoices for sales and purchases, but also estimates, only by inserting the relevant information. The application takes care of the rest, and you get to quickly preview the draft.

Comprehensive accounting OS X application that can help you optimize small businesses

Based on the data collected for your accounts and business transactions, Easy Books can automatically generate profit and loss evaluations for your company, but also reports focused on specific areas of your business.

This way, you can easily understand which sectors require your attention and make informed business decisions.

Easy Books was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on July 8th, 2015
Easy Books - By accessing the main window of the application, you will be able to create and manage accounts.Easy Books - The application also allows you to view as well as analyze statements with ease.Easy Books - From the Customers tab users can easily view and analyze customer information.Easy Books - screenshot #4Easy Books - screenshot #5Easy Books - screenshot #6Easy Books - screenshot #7Easy Books - screenshot #8Easy Books - screenshot #9Easy Books - screenshot #10Easy Books - screenshot #11

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