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A time tracking application for the Mac OS X that allows you to organize your tasks by projects or contexts, generate bar or pie charts to analyze your activity and more.

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Monitoring the time you spend working on a specific project and making sure that you take regular breaks are two important concepts when it comes to time management. Durations is a Mac app designed to incorporate both in a stylish yet well structured interface.

Moreover, Durations offers you the possibility to organize your tasks into projects or contexts, hence allowing you to analyze your activity from different perspectives. The best part is that you can generate bar or pie charts for the time spent working.

Streamlined user interface

The Durations main window is separated in 4 different areas: first you get to toggle between projects and contexts, then you can browse the lists of context and projects (both panels include actions smart lists) and visualize your actions list or the charts generated for certain time periods.

Switching between the areas is extremely easy and Durations also includes contextual menus that will help you access certain tools faster.

Record your activity

Each time you create a new action, Durations allows you to specify the start date and the time you already spent on the task. The next time you begin working on that project, simply start that particular timer to have an accurate view on how you spend your time.

Take breaks regularly

By default, Durations is creating 25 minutes working sessions: that means that the action timer will automatically stop when the session is over. This way, after you take a small break you must start the timer again.

The result is that your brain stays more agile and your time is spent in a more productive manner. However, Durations allows you to adjust the default time period for the working session via its Preferences window.

Time tracker for personal use

Even though Durations allows you to record and analyze your activity, the results are for your eyes only: the app does not include any exporting capabilities.

All in all, if you are looking for an application that combines time tracking for personal use with the Pomodoro technique, Durations certainly deserves your attention.

Durations was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on February 27th, 2014
Durations - In the Durations main window you can view your tasks organized by project or by date.Durations - In the Durations tasks window you can easily add new actions to your project and setup the start date and time.Durations - screenshot #3Durations - screenshot #4Durations - In the Durations Preferences window you can easily adjust the time length for each task.

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