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A lightweight and user-friendly utility specially made to help you grab contact entries from various online social networks and add them to your contacts list

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ContactsSyncer is a straightforward Mac OS X application that makes it easy for you to grab contacts information from Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and XING.

Helps update your contacts list and add new entries with ease

ContactsSyncer comes with a simple and intuitive interface that offers quick and easy access to the tools and features required to update your contacts list or add new ones.

As follows, the top toolbar helps you access your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and XING contacts list and view all available information for any given contact. Thus, you can view the job title and company, business or personal email, phone number, fax and address, Skype ID, birth date, notes, description and more.

On top of that, ContactsSyncer helps you view and grab the profile picture and use it as a contact image.

Import contacts directly into Apple Contacts or Microsoft Outlook

ContactsSyncer helps you select the contacts you want to add to Apple Contacts or Microsoft Outlook, and offers you the option to export the list to an Excel document or vCard file.

By accessing the Import slide sheet, you can choose to import the selected contacts to a new or existing group and decide if you want to update the existing pictures with new ones.

What is more, ContactsSyncer offers you the option to adjust the import settings for each found contacts. Consequently, you can assign a contact to an existing entry or create a new entry and reveal the selected contact in Apple Contacts app.

Preview the downloaded data and update existing Contacts entries

Unfortunately, ContactsSyncer does not offer you the option to edit the grabbed data directly from within the app. On top of that, ContactsSyncer does not allow you to sign out and login with another Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn or XING account. You are required to close and restart the application in order to sign in with another account.

In conclusion, ContactsSyncer is a handy application that promises to help you update your contacts list and add new entries with just a couple of mouse clicks. However, ContactsSyncer is lacking a couple of essential features that could make the import process even easier.

ContactsSyncer was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on August 18th, 2015
ContactsSyncer - ContactsSyncer helps you import contacts from your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and XING account.ContactsSyncer - You can import or updated entries in Contacts and Outlook or export them to Excel or vCard files.ContactsSyncer - Each contact can be assigned to an existing entry or added as a new entry.

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