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The ultimate recipe costing and management application for Mac OS X that can calculate the recipe and menu costings of your small restaurant business

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Busboy is a versatile Mac OS X application for small bakeries or restaurants that enables you to manage the production and costs of your food dishes. The central part of Busboy is represented by the recipes to which you can add ingredients, packaging,

production costs and notes.

The application comes with a plain-looking main window divided into several tabs and sub-tabs where you can manage the recipes, ingredients, packaging, production and menus. Detailed tables with multiple columns display the information available in each section.

Furthermore, a benefit of using Busboy is that it can automatically calculate selling prices and the differences between the current and recommended selling prices. It is up to you to enter recipes, their gross profit and tax rate, as well as ingredients with their price and other details, plus the packaging and production costs.

In the end, the application is designed to help you run your business by making sure you are selling your products at the right price. In the Recipes tab, you can enter the recipe description, servings, scale, gross profit, VAT and cost price, and then view the recipes selling price, cost price per serving, recipe selling price per serving and more.

In addition to this, Busboy allows you to enter any number of ingredients and specify their quantity, pack size, yield percentage and purchase price. Moreover, you can also add units of measure and pictures for each ingredient. The same information can be entered in the packaging section.

To sum up, Busboy is a very handy application that will help you manage your recipe production and costs. It is capable of calculating the cost price, overall cost price and cost price per serving of your shop’s ingredients, packaging, menu and production. On top of this, the app is quite easy to use and includes a comprehensive user guide.

Busboy was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on September 5th, 2015
Busboy - From the main window, you can manage your recipes, ingredients, packaging, production and menus.Busboy - In the Ingredients tab, you can enter the ingredient name, quantity, pack size, yield and purchase price.Busboy - The Packaging section allows you to specify the names, quantity, pack size, yield and purchase price of the packaging.Busboy - screenshot #4Busboy - screenshot #5Busboy - screenshot #6Busboy - screenshot #7Busboy - screenshot #8Busboy - screenshot #9Busboy - screenshot #10Busboy - screenshot #11Busboy - screenshot #12Busboy - screenshot #13

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