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A Mac OS X application that monitors the activity or multiple Stock Exchanges and offers you the possibility to track portfolios.

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If you have your money invested in various companies, monitoring their stock development let’s you know about your current financial situation. Boursicoteur is a Mac application designed to help you keep track of your stock's status from the comfort of your desktop.

Boursicoteur comes with a fairly intuitive interface: the main window is separated in two different areas, one displaying your stock list and the other showing the cost, the trend and the minimum / maximum values for a certain symbol.

Moreover, the top toolbar provides quick access to the most important functions and windows: Quotes, Import, Watch list, Buy-Sell, Cash operations, History and Extras. The same area allows you to select the portfolio you want to analyze from a drop down menu.

To get started you must create at least one portfolio and then add the stock symbols to the Watch list. To be able to actually find the stocks, you must navigate to the Boursicoteur Preferences window and enable the Stock Exchanges you want to use: by default, only the one in Paris is active.

As a result, Boursicoteur will display a list of products for each Stock Exchange and you can easily add them to your portfolio. Unfortunately, during our test we tried to add a symbol without using the drop down menu and, even though Boursicoteur recognized the company, it did not work.

Via the Boursicoteur Preferences window you can also change the default indice, the super-sector indices you want active or the default portfolio currency. Additionally, you can customize the way in which the info is displayed: you can disable some of the columns included in the portfolio summary or in the log sheet and more.

To conclude, Boursicoteur can be used to help you monitor your stock portfolio, as long as the companies are included in the built in lists.

Boursicoteur was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on February 27th, 2015
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