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A lightweight and comprehensive task manager that provides the tools and features required to manage projects, assign and keep track of your tasks

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Booked is a fully-featured Mac OS X application specially designed to help you create and manage to-do lists for teams.

Helps you manage projects, handle tasks and share assets

With Booked’s help you can make all tasks available to the entire time and assign resources based on the task requirements.

In other words, Booked promotes team collaboration and makes it easy for you to keep all team members in the loop at all times thanks to the synchronization feature.

From Booked’s main window you have quick and easy access to all projects and tasks, and keep all keep track of all attachments. You can sort your tasks by creation or due date, project and title or project and due date.

Instantly find any given task directly from within the app

The built-in search form enables you to find any given task with just a couple of keystrokes while the bottom toolbar helps you create new tasks or projects with ease. Each task can be accompanied by comments, as well as attachments.

At the same time, the top toolbar helps you view all tasks, your tasks only or open tasks, check the archived tasks and offers you the option to hide or show your projects. In addition, you have the option to connect to a server created using the BookedServer application available on our download page.

Choose between Team or Server Mode based on the size of your group

To keep tasks and projects synchronized between users you can use the Team-Mode or the Server-Mode. The first mode allows all Booked clients replicate on each other. While this method is ideal for small teams, the Server-Mode enables all users to synchronize with the server and obtain the necessary data at all times.

Moreover, BookedServer helps you create new projects, add or remove project members,create new users and change the account password.

On the whole, BookedServer is a well-designed, smooth-running and reliable task manager capable to help small, as well as large teams collaborate and share tasks.

Booked was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on March 16th, 2015
Booked - From Booked's main window you can quickly and effortlessly manage your tasks.BookedBooked - The File menu helps you add a new task, attachment or comment and allows you to create new projects.Booked - By accessing the View menu, you can sort comments, tasks and attachments based on the preferred criteria.BookedBookedBooked

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