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A simple, user-friendly and fully-featured application that helps you create professional-looking slideshow using your photos and videos

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FotoMagico is a well-designed and intuitive Mac OS X application specially designed to help you turn simple photos, videos and songs into stunning animated slideshows for you, your family or clients.

Create, shape and share your story

From FotoMagico’s you can easily access and use images from your iPhoto, Aperture or Lightroom library or any other location. You can use and edit JPEG as well as RAW files in the desired resolution. What is more, you can use all sorts of aspect ratios and even panoramas that you can smoothly pan across in order to display the entire picture.

Zoom in, pan and rotate images with just a few mouse clicks, correct the color of all pictures in order to match all the slides in your presentation. As you browse your libraries, you can view all used images thanks to the light marker placed in the corner of the thumbnail.

Basic video editing tools

Furthermore, FotoMagico allows you to pan, zoom and rotate videos just like you would do with a regular picture. Additionally, you can use different file formats in the same presentation regardless of their format. FotoMagico will automatically handle the frame rate, aspect ration and resolution and make your files fit your project.

Trim videos, color correct them and choose the desired transition from the comprehensive list of high quality transitions.

Add and edit sound files

On top of that, you can add a soundtrack to your slideshow and enhance the effect of the displayed photos and videos. You can easily import any song from your iTunes’ library and start the track exactly when you want it.

Consequently, you can use various sound effects and voice-overs, add narration using the built-in sound recorder and deliver a professional-looking slideshow. FotoMagico comes with three audio tracks that also display the audio waveform of each track, which makes it easy to align the sound with the pictures and videos.

Useful layers and masks

You can use up to six layers of photos, videos and titles in the desired order. Once your storyboard is complete, turn it into a template that you can reuse in other projects. Take advantage of the mask feature and define the transparency of a layer, crop an image and obtain the desired visual effect.

FotoMagico was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on October 6th, 2015
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