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Offers you the possibility to walk an audience through your timeline by making use of an interactive full-screen 3D view of your events.

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Timeline 3D is a Mac OS X application designed to help you generate 3D representations for your timelines in no time. The app comes with a collection of predefined themes for the 3D mode, but also enables you to import new ones.

Well organized events manager featuring basic functions

The Timeline 3D application comes with an intuitive user interface that allows you to work on each timeline in a separate window. This way, you can easily work on multiple projects at the same time.

To get started, all you have to do is add the timeline events, and provide basic information for each entry: you must setup a name, the start and end date (you get to use a custom date label), and the color category. Moreover, Timeline 3D allows you to attach media content, tags, links, or personal notes.

Automatically generates 3D representations for your timeline

When you switch to the 3D Presentation mode, Timeline 3D processes all the events information, and generates a 3D representation. Within the 3D view, selecting events from the events list triggers an animations and places the corresponding panel in front of the screen.

Via the Timeline 3D Settings panel, you get to quickly switch between different screen and printer themes, or to change the default region and calendar formats. The app also provides support for various languages.

The final project can be sent directly to the printer, or you can export the 3D animation to PDF, movie, slideshow, image sequence, or WebGL website. Note that to access the export functions, you must first unlock them through in-app purchases.

Uncomplicated events manager that can generate 3D timeline representations

Timeline 3D proposes user friendly solutions for generating 3D animated presentations without having to deal with complicated tools. The app provides various built-in themes for your presentations, but also enables you to import new designs. Unfortunately, during our test, the 3D representation did not include the actual timeline bar, even though you could switch between events.

Timeline 3D was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on July 1st, 2015
Timeline 3D - In the Timeline 3D main window you can easily view and edit the events included in your timeline.Timeline 3DTimeline 3D - In the Timeline 3D main window you can switch to the 3D representation and effortlessly browse your events.Timeline 3D - In the Timeline 3D Settings menu you can easily preview and change the screen and printer themes.Timeline 3DTimeline 3DTimeline 3D

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