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Versatile bookkeeping application for OS X that comes with a large collection of predefined account types that will streamline the data input process

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BeanCounter is a business management solution for small companies that can help you deal with bookkeeping tasks, while tracking the time spent on certain projects, and quickly generating invoices for your services.

Versatile financial management app that can deal with multiple businesses

Since BeanCounter creates a new database file for each new company, you can juggle with as many businesses as you like: simply make sure to open the appropriate database file when needed.

To streamline the database creation process, BeanCounter can generate default accounts for income, expenses, equity, or assets. This way, you don’t have to waste time setting up these new accounts manually.

Moreover, BeanCounter can also import data from CSV, QIF, OFX, or QFX data files. As a result, you can import the transaction files provided by your bank directly, or even migrate from another financial management app with minimal effort.

Set up budgets, manage new clients, generate reports, or create invoices

BeanCounter can be used to track multiple projects developed for specific clients, and integrates a timer utility that records how long it takes to complete a certain task. The data can then be used to generate invoices.

The application enables you to create a contacts database both for clients and merchants, and you can import the information from your Address Book.

On top of that, you can set up budgets for each of the included accounts, and you get to use the BeanCounter reports tools to analyze your balance, your income, the cash flow, the equity, and so on. The reports can be exported to PDF, sent to the printer, or shared by email.

Comprehensive business management solution that comes with a learning curve

Considering the wide amount of functionalities packed into BeanCounter, the application can be slightly overwhelming at the start. The utility does include Help documentation, which might answer some of your questions, but you don't get any tips while working with the app.

However, during our test, we have encountered at least one thing that did not work properly: you cannot create a new business database without generating the default accounts, even if this option is offered by BeanCounter.

BeanCounter was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on October 9th, 2015
BeanCounter - The BeanCounter new business window where you can quickly input details about your company, including contact details or accounting specificationsBeanCounter - In the BeanCounter main window you can quickly input new transactions, associate them to various accounts, use different currencies, and so onBeanCounter - The BeanCounter Reports window where you can choose the type of analysis you want to run on your databaseBeanCounter - screenshot #4BeanCounter - screenshot #5BeanCounter - screenshot #6BeanCounter - screenshot #7BeanCounter - screenshot #8BeanCounter - screenshot #9

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