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A versatile and straightforward Mac OS X utility designed to help you create custom stylish emails that you can send to your mailing lists

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Awesome Mails is an intuitive Mac OS X application that enables you to create professionally looking emails and send them to multiple recipients. The app comes with various predefined templates and allows you to create new ones from scratch.

Quickly create personalized emails by adjusting the built-in templates

Using Awesome Mails is a breeze thanks to the simple and organized interface that is divided into the top toolbar, the email area, and the settings pane. When you start working on a new project, you can preview each template and choose one that matches your needs.

Furthermore, the contents of emails consist of text boxes and images. A multitude of settings are available to help you modify them. That said, the app comes with options to change the font type and size, the text alignment, and size, as well as to define hyperlink hotspots to a text box.

Additionally, you can change the background color of the text box, shape and canvas using a palette of over 100 colors. Moreover, several effects are available: adding borders (solid, dashed, dotted or none), opacity and corner radius (with or without shadows) and image reflection.

Send the emails to a list of recipients directly from the app

With a little inspiration, all these options help you turn your emails into great looking posters with hyperlinks. Last but not least, Awesome Mails enables you to adjust the width and height of the email in pixels.

The other major option is the ability to send emails to a list of recipients. After configuring your email account, you can then open the Mail Information window and enter the To: recipient(s), CC: Recipient(s) or the BCC: Recipient(s). The contents of the email are received as an image with custom hyperlink hotspots.

Versatile solution for designing professional looking marketing emails with minimal effort

All things considered, Awesome Mails does an excellent job of creating email designs and layouts for marketing or other purposes. Taking into account the ease of use and flexibility of the app, it might worth the investment if you are looking for an email designer solution.

Awesome Mails Pro was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on May 20th, 2015
Awesome Mails ProAwesome Mails ProAwesome Mails ProAwesome Mails ProAwesome Mails ProAwesome Mails Pro

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