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Powerful and full-featured OS X sound designed for providing its users with all the tools needed for mastering, archiving, mixing, and post-production application for the Mac






soundBlade is the professional digital audio mastering software benchmark. Proven with millions of commercial tracks for both CD and electronic music delivery such as iTunes, nothing sounds like soundBlade.

In fact, it's like no other digital audio workstation (DAW). soundBlade's unique workflow is optimized for the purpose of mastering, restoring and editing audio. soundBlade systems are used by the world's top mastering engineers everyday. They rely on soundBlade to produce fantastic masters. So should you.

In soundBlade, mixes have more depth, detail and a greater sense of presence than what you're used to hearing from any other DAW. That's because all soundBlade systems are based on the Sonic Studio Engine (SSE), our highly optimized digital audio processing technology that eliminates barriers to great sound. And, that sonic improvement is embedded into your CDs, DDP or exported files.

Far from locking you into proprietary hardware, soundBlade will work with all Core Audio interfaces, recording at all common sample rates in all common formats, including WAV, AIFF, and BWF.

For re-purposing existing projects or, to collaborate with other studios, soundBlade opens SD2 files with regions and optionally loads back DDP file sets with the DDP File Open option.

soundBlade also saves in Broadcast WAVE format, with OriginationDate/Time, Originator, OriginatorReference and Description metadata.
Last updated on March 30th, 2014
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