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Streamlined application that provides one with a quick way to edit MP3 and AAC (.aac, .m4a, .m4b and even AAC audio from .mp4 videos) files without any corruption or audio quality loss

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Both the MP3 and AAC file formats are quite common when dealing with audio files, which makes the mp3TrueEdit app quite useful to have around: you can easily record and edit files, without loosing any quality by recompressing the audio.

Well structured audio editor featuring basic editing tools

Since mp3TrueEdit comes with its own installer package, deploying the utility is fairly straightforward: simply follow the on screen instructions. Upon launch, you can see most of the supported editing function in the top area of the mp3TrueEdit main window.

You can either record a new audio, or import a sound file: mp3TrueEdit will automatically generate the waveform representations, and you can make selections via simple drag an drop actions. Most of the mp3TrueEdit functionalities are self explanatory, but you can also read the included documentation to learn more about how things work.

Quickly extract audio selections and add various effects

mp3TrueEdit provides access to most basic audio processing tools: you can export only a specific section of the track, you can cut / copy / paste / delete / crop the current selection, and of course, you can playback the track.

In addition, mp3TrueEdit provides support for adding various sound effects: normalize, fade in / out, increase / decrease the volume, or remove / insert silence. By making use of these tools you can easily remove parts that do not interest you from an audio recording, you can make your own ringtones, and so on.

Unsophisticated but efficient audio editor that offers support for performing basic tasks

mp3TrueEdit proposes simple solutions for quickly editing MP3 and AAC audio files without having to deal with a complex workflow. The app comes with a straightforward user interface that provides access to most functions from it’s main window, and allows you to get the job done in no time.

mp3TrueEdit was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on May 29th, 2015
mp3TrueEdit - By accessing the main window of the application, you will be able to process the selected audio file.mp3TrueEdit - The application allows you to record MP3 input using the available recording device.mp3TrueEdit - From the Audio menu you can play the selected song, rewind to beginning and forward to end, as well as start the recording process.mp3TrueEdit - screenshot #4mp3TrueEdit - screenshot #5mp3TrueEdit - screenshot #6mp3TrueEdit - screenshot #7mp3TrueEdit - screenshot #8

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