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A great Applescript utility for iTunes that can find a movie poster artwork.





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iTunes Movie Artwork is a great Applescript utility that makes use of a wikipediameta database to find movie poster artwork.

The search for the artwork is based on the titles of your selection from your ITunes library.

If a single wikipedia page can be found using the words in your selected movie title, the script automatically updates the artwork on that selected movie in iTunes.

If the search identifies more than one potential match, a short list of likely options is offered....before finally updating the artwork on your selected track.

iTunes Movie Artwork script works on multiple selections, applying the same routine mentioned to the selected tracks in sequence. The images are sourced from the {{Infobox_film}} templates used across Wikipedia.

Because wikipediameta contains the information contained in the {{Infobox_film}} templates, this script has the potential to update other properties of your tracks.
Last updated on January 14th, 2011
iTunes Movie Artwork - The iTunes window where you can easily access the script.iTunes Movie Artwork

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