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A powerful, versatile and intuitive algorithmic composition utility that can be used as a standalone music creation environment or as a companion for various digital audio workstations

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Xx is a well-designed and user-friendly composition app, as well as a lightweight MIDI sequencer that comes with powerful algorithmic music generation and transformation tools.

Powerful, yet user-friendly music composition tool for your Mac

The great thing about Xx is that you can use it as a self-contained music creation environment or as a companion for MetaSynth, various MIDI-enabled sequencers or digital audio workstations. Although the interface might look crowded, both amateur and experienced users will find it easy to learn and work with thanks to the color-coded system and intuitive keyboard shortcuts.

In other words, you can use this flexible algorithmic music tool to generate variations and multi-track elaborations of other musical compositions. At the same time, you can create single and multi-track compositions from scratch and further improve, edit and develop them.

Built-in and handy AI algorithms for easy and effortless composition automation

What is more, Xx’s AI-based analysis algorithms are designed to use the scale, key, mode and note density of the loaded tracks. In your compositions you can take advantage of the numerous tools provided by Xx and create amazing variations of various songs and musical structures based on simple melodies or musical fragments.

State-of-the-art graphic visualization tools for visualizing your composition’s musical structure

Moreover, you can use the advanced graphic visualization tools to analyze and visualize the song structure. From Xx’s main window you can view all tracks and analyze the harmonic relationships in your composition.

Experienced musicians will be happy to know that Xx uses the familiar piano roll notation along with the color-coding system capable to offer a simple and clean representation of track polyphony.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with MetaSynth and third-party DAWs

Consequently, you can use Xx to create new compositions or continue the work started with other similar applications. Thanks to the advanced AI techniques you can easily enhance your composition and generate variations of your themes and fine-tune your track using the suggested harmonizations.

All your compositions can be easily rendered to disk as high-quality audio files or exported as tracks to MetaSynth or other MIDI-enabled sequencers for further changes.

Xx was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on April 15th, 2014
Xx - From Xx's main window you can compose music, listen to your creation and make adjustments.Xx - The context menu helps you undo, paste, cut, copy, clear, invert, reverse time and select multiple tracks.Xx - screenshot #3Xx - By accessing the Edit menu, you can match to chords and remove overlaps.Xx - screenshot #5Xx - screenshot #6

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