Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard for Mac

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A reliable, free and open source virtual MIDI piano keyboard that enables you to quickly and easily compose your own musical pieces

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Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard is a straightforward MIDI event receiver and generator designed to be used to drive an internal or external MIDI synthesizer.

Helps you play and display MIDI notes from various instruments

Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard allows you to use your Mac’s keyboard and mouse to play MIDI notes and it also helps you view the played MIDI notes from various instruments or MIDI players.

To achieve such results you are required to connect the MIDI port to the input port of Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard.

The great thing about Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard, is that it offers you the option to configure the alphanumeric keyboard mapping directly from within the app with the help of the intuitive GUI interface.

All your settings are stored in XML files and Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard is capable to send program changes and controls to a given MIDI synthesizer. You can provide definitions for different standards and devices via an INS files.

Take advantage of the highly customizable user-interface and easily change the layout

From Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard’s main window you can easily select the preferred number of channels, adjust the transpose values and change the base octave value. Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard also offers control over velocity and bender value.

Thanks to the built-in Controls Editor you can add new controls and edit existing ones with just a couple of mouse clicks. Once created, the new control is automatically featured in the main window and can be rearranged with ease.

Add new controllers, edit existing ones, assign keyboard shortcuts and setup MIDI connections

The Edit menu offers you easy access to the Keyboard Map, MIDI Connections, Extra Controllers, Color Palette and the customizable Shortcuts. By accessing the Tools menu, you can jump from one channel to the next, change notes, move to the next or previous channel, change the program and enable or disable various note input methods.

In conclusion, Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard is a user-friendly and practical Mac OS X application that helps you compose your own music.

Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on August 20th, 2015
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