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A lightweight and user-friendly application that provides every thing you need to edit lyrics, chords and tablature with just a few keystrokes and mouse clicks

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Violeiro is a cross-platform application specially designed to help you view, create, edit and print lyrics, chords and tablatures.

Violeiro’s interface offers you quick and easy access to a wide variety of tools and features such as MIDI and MP3 player, instrument Tuner, Metronome and a repertory editor. From Violeiro’s main window you can easily import text, chords and tablatures with just a few mouse clicks.

Violeiro comes with support for various musical instruments with four, five, six, seven or eight strings. On top of that, Violeiro offers tonality recognition and transposing and a comprehensive chords database with over 2500 chords.

In addition, you can take advantage of Violeiro fullscreen playback mode to view the lyrics, chords or tablature of your song while you play. Moreover, after editing and modifying your projects you can save and export them to plain text, JPEG files or PDF documents.

Violeiro also promises to automatically adjust the chords according to the lyrics and help you insert line breaks with chords. By accessing the Legend window, you can choose what type of information is displayed. Hence, you can choose to view the title, artist, author, origin and creation date of the work along with other useful data.

The built-in media player allows you to listen to entire songs or loop various song parts in order to better learn a segment of the composition. Thanks to Violeiro’s Tuner you can also tune your musical instruments and check your tuning using your Mac’s microphone.

Moreover, Violeiro offers a highly customizable Metronome that allows you to set the BPM value, number of beats along with the sounds used to help you keep up the beat of the played song. Violeiro allows you to customize anything from the fonts type and colors, header and footer format, page orientation and tablature style.

All in all, Violeiro is helpful and complex application that enables you to easily and effortlessly create and edit lyrics, chords and tablatures.

Violeiro was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on May 29th, 2015
Violeiro - From Violeiro's main window you can load, edit and preview chords and tablatures for any musical instrument.Violeiro - Violeiro is even able to display the tablature as you play on your entire screen.Violeiro - The context menu helps you ad chords, symbols, pause or text with just a few mouse clicks.VioleiroVioleiroVioleiroVioleiroVioleiroVioleiroVioleiroVioleiroVioleiroVioleiroVioleiro

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