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A powerful and intuitive test host for VST instruments and effects specially made for developers that need to quickly test plug-ins

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VSTLord is a reliable and powerful test host with support for Mach-O VST instruments and effects that makes it easy for developers to try out their plug-ins.

VST instruments and effects testing made easy

VST, short for Virtual Studio Technology, is a straightforward interface that seamlessly integrates audio synthesizers and effect plugins with audio editors and recording systems.

Additionally, VST, as well as other related technologies, use digital signal processing in order to simulate traditional recording studio hardware in desktop applications.

Furthermore, VST plugins are mainly run from within a digital audio workstation in order to provide additional functionality. VST plugins cover instruments, effects, a wide variety of meters, spectrum analyzers and more.

Load, test and debug VST plug-ins from within a user-friendly environment

Thanks to VSTLord’s test environment you can quickly load, test and debug your plugin-ins from within a simple and intuitive interface. It is worth mentioning that VSTLord does not come with support for CFM plug-ins.

By accessing VSTLord’s File menu, you can instantly create a new Synth, open an existing one, save your work and change the default record folder. The VST menu helps you switch between the next and previous program, add effects and load any given bank or program.

Thanks to the Debug menu you can run leaks, reopen the Editor, toggle the Scrollview, configure the logging and open the log file. At the same time, the MIDI menu makes it easy for you to enable or disable the MIDI player, load a MIDI file and start or stop the MIDI player.

Helps you change the BPM, switch between plugins and record your test sessions

The top toolbar enables you to adjust the BPM value, jump from one plugin to the next, select the desired input, change the audio device along with the buffer size with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Moreover, the Preferences window helps you change the recording file format and assign an audio player for the captured audio.

VSTLord was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on August 6th, 2014
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