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A system-bar based music player for OS X featuring tempo changing options, an audio recorder and support for iTunes playlists

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Jambox is a easy-to-use Mac OS X music player that can play your iTunes playlists from the system bar. The app can also play any music you want to import and also to create audio recordings and to increase the tempo of tracks up to 4 times.

The main advantage of using an app, such as Jambox, is that it can play all you iTunes music without opening iTunes or any other app. As soon as you launch Jambox, it will automatically detect and display your iTunes playlists in a drop-down menu that you can easily interact with.

Furthermore, once you access a playlists, the available songs will be displayed in a track list. The song name, album and artist are displayed. In addition, you can view the song artwork and change the tempo of the playback from 1 and a half times slower to 4 times faster.

Unfortunately, playing songs is not exactly as intuitive as in other apps because double-clicking to play a song is not supported; in Jambox, you have to click on a song and then the Play button. Also, there is a slight delay when clicking the play / pause button.

On the other hand, Jambox features a standard audio recording feature for capturing external audio. The great part is that you can choose the audio quality (from lowest to highest) and the recording can immediately be played using Jambox. As for the settings, you are permitted to change the GUI color and choose what to display on the menu bar.

In a nutshell, the Jambox app is a no-frills music player for OS X. Although it does not really bring anything new to the table in terms of audio players, Jambox is a nice alternative to iTunes.

Jambox was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on January 10th, 2015
Jambox - The app's main window displays the iTunes playlist, a search box, the currently playing track and more.Jambox - The drop-down menu enables you to select the iTunes playlist you want to access.Jambox - Jambox also provides a feature to record audio in custom quality.Jambox - screenshot #4

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