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A practical and user-oriented application specially designed to help you improve your guitar playing skills by learning fretboard notes

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Super Guitar Fretboard Addict is a handy and intuitive application that enables you to learn and practice fretboard notes, chords, sight reading and ear training.

Thanks to Super Guitar Fretboard Addict you can now practice the acoustic guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar and ukulele, and listen to authentic guitar sounds during your training. Additionally, you can learn and practice sight reading standard music notations and use personalized fretboard presets or custom fretboard setup.

What is more, Super Guitar Fretboard Addict allows you to create your own custom exercises and configure the fretboard the way you need it. You just have to click on the fretboard and select the chords or notes you want to work on.

Super Guitar Fretboard Addict also offers presets for configuring notes and chords to work on by string, key, fret, note, inversion, type or root note. You will be able to learn the fretboard forwards, backwards, vertically, horizontally or randomly.

On top of that, Super Guitar Fretboard Addict comes with English or Romance syllables, right and left handed settings and a powerful learning engine capable to track and monitor your incorrect answers and include them in the next round.

You can decide whether the answers are displayed, sounds are played, and or a notation is visible when you practice or test your knowledge and skills. You can master triad chords (min, maj, aug, dim), gain an understanding of the circle of fifths and learn the chords and notes in eleven major musical keys.

The ear training exercises for notes and chords can help you learn how to improvise and play by year. You can also practice reading music notations and learn how pitch is related to the fretboard.

Furthermore, Super Guitar Fretboard Addict enables you to track and monitor your progress and view your strengths and weaknesses by consulting the color coded statistics.

Super Guitar Fretboard Addict was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on December 7th, 2014
Super Guitar Fretboard AddictSuper Guitar Fretboard AddictSuper Guitar Fretboard AddictSuper Guitar Fretboard Addict

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