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A stylish Mac OS X application that analyzes your iTunes library and identifies unknown titles, completes missing fields, and more.

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SongGenie offers you the possibility to quickly clean up your iTunes music library: the app will help you analyze each track in order to identify its name, the artists, and other metadata that you might find useful.

Right off the bat, SongGenie will import your entire iTunes library, so all you have to do is browse the entries, decide if you want to find more information, and apply it to the track if you find any.

Easy to install metadata finder designed to work with the iTunes Library

The SongGenie installation procedure does not raise any issues: all you have to do is open the archive and copy the SongGenie utility to the Applications directory. The first time you launch the application, SongGenie will also open iTunes: this is necessary to have access to the music library.

Stylish metadata searcher that comes with a built in web browser

Most of the SongGenie capabilities can be easily accessed via the app’s main window which comes with an organized yet stylish design. In the bottom area of the window you can view the included tracks together with the currently associated metadata, while on top you can choose to quickly play the current song, have the app identify the track’s name, and more.

Noteworthy is that SongGenie comes with a built in web browser where you get to easily search for lyrics. However, to find the album cover, SongGenie directs you to another application developed by the same company, also a commercial product.

Unsophisticated tracks analyzer that can help you clean up you iTunes music library

SongGenie is a great tool to have around if you have serious gaps when it comes to the metadata associated with your iTunes tracks. The application can identify the track’s name /album / composer / artist, it can be used to find the song’s lyrics, and more.

SongGenie was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on August 21st, 2015
SongGenie - In the main window of the application you can visualize your audio files.SongGenie - This drop-down menu allows you to choose the songs based on certain criteria.SongGenie - From the analysis menu you can identify songs and grab lyrics with ease.SongGenie - screenshot #4SongGenie - screenshot #5SongGenie - screenshot #6SongGenie - screenshot #7SongGenie - screenshot #8SongGenie - screenshot #9

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