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Easy to use audio player that comes with a collection of Isochronic Tones designed to help you go through different sleep stages.

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Sleep is a very important part of one’s life, and can interfere with your energy level, enthusiasm, and other aspects of your day to day activity. A sleep cycle is formed from multiple stages, going from superficial to deep sleep.

Sleep Brainwave is a simple Mac app that includes a collection of Isochronic Tones that will help the listener go through the stages at a different rhythm, according to the sleep pattern you want to establish: dive quickly and deeply, short nap, counting sheep, or deep sleep.

Stylish audio player that integrates seamlessly with your desktop

Within the Sleep Brainwave main window you have the option to switch between different brainwave patterns in order to get to different stages of sleep. This way, you can either power nap or gradually dive into a deep and relaxing sleep.

The app comes with a simple track management bar that includes basic playback tools: play or pause, go back or go forward, and a slider bar to monitor the progress. In addition, Sleep Brainwave also comes with different graphic animations that can be visualized while listening to the Isochronic Tones recordings.

Improve your sleeping by personalizing the playback methods

By default, any of the Sleep Brainwave audio tracks will play once and then stop. Via the app’s Time Settings panel you have the option to setup a timer that can play the recording in a loop for as long as you want.

Moreover, the app also includes an Informations panel that includes tips and tricks on what to do to sleep better, and a visualization exercise for submerging in a relaxing deep sleep.

Alternative solution for improving one’s sleeping pattern

The Sleep Brainwave app is designed to help you get relaxing and restful sleeping sessions without having to use pills: simply listen to the Isochronic Tones and let yourself guided through different sleep stages.

Sleep Brainwave was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on August 7th, 2014
Sleep Brainwave - In the Sleep Brainwave main window you can easily select the brain wave patterns you want to listen to.Sleep Brainwave - In the Sleep Brainwave Time Settings panel you can choose to listen to the audio only one, or you can setup a timer.

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