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Unique and unobtrusive OS X iTunes controller that makes it very fast to choose how to use iTunes for the possible best results.

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iTunes controllers are a popular choice because they eliminate the need to deal with the media player’s interface, and provide a more streamlined user experience. SizzlingKeys is yet another solution for managing your iTunes in an unobtrusive manner, via intuitive, user setup hotkeys.

Easy to use iTunes controller that works in the background

SizzlingKeys comes with a collection of predefined keyboard combinations assigned for basic controls, but you can easily customize them to match your own inclinations. At first launch, SizzlingKeys places an icon in the Dock, which provides quick access to the settings panel.

After performing the necessary adjustments, you should simply disable the Dock icon, and allow SizzlingKeys to run in the background, without making its presence known, while all defined hotkeys remain accessible system wide (you can still access the preferences by double clicking on the app’s icon).

Perform basic playback management tasks by employing user defined hotkeys

SizzlingKeys offers you the possibility to set up keyboard combinations for common functions: play / pause the track, skip to the next /previous track, increase / decrease volume, show playlists, search, show / hide the iTunes window, skip forward / backward by a certain number of seconds, adjust the system volume, or toggle the shuffle or repeat functions.

In addition, the application includes a couple of hotkeys for system functions: show the settings window, put the computer to sleep, lock the screen, or activate the screensaver. Moreover, SizzlingKeys provides a floater window where you can easily visualize details about the track currently playing in iTunes.

User friendly and unobtrusive iTunes controller that provides hotkeys for most playback management functions

SizzlingKeys is a great application to have around if you are using iTunes to listen to music and you want to avoid interrupting your work to manage the playback via the app’s main window. SizzlingKeys allows you to set up system wide keyboard shortcuts for basic controls and does not make its presence visible in any way.

SizzlingKeys was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on October 24th, 2014
SizzlingKeys - The Basic Controls tab enables you to view or modify the global hotkeys for controlling iTunes playback.SizzlingKeys - You can also assign a global hotkey for rating the currently playing song from the Rating tab.SizzlingKeys - By accessing the Floater tab, you are able to customize the floating window which displays playback info.SizzlingKeysSizzlingKeysSizzlingKeysSizzlingKeys

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