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A suite of plug-ins designed for use as part of a modular analogue synthesizer system






Silent Way is a collection of audio plug-ins that producers / sound engineers can use with analogue synthesizers, and especially as part of a modular analogue synthesizer system.

Silent Way's plugins to not create sound themselves, nor do they process sound - rather, they generate signals to be used as control voltages (CVs), which can be patched into the control inputs of oscillators, filters, VCAs etc. of an analogue system.

Additionally, with the addition of the CV Input plug-in, you will be able to bring CVs from the synth into the computer, for recording or processing.

As for the audio interface between the computer and the synth, it needs to be “DC coupled” i.e. capable of maintaining a DC voltage at its outputs.

Silent Way includes the following 12 plugins: Silent Way DC, Silent Way LFO, Silent Way Step LFO, Silent Way Quantizer, Silent Way Trigger, Silent Way CV Input, Silent Way CV To OSC, Silent Way CV To MIDI, Silent Way SMUX, Silent Way AC En- coder, Silent Way Sync and Silent Way Voice Controller. These are described in more detail below.
Last updated on February 20th, 2015
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