SignalScope 3.8

An advanced and reliable signal analyzer that comes with power-full built-in tools such as FFT analyzer, oscilloscope, X/Y plotter and spectrogram

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What's new in SignalScope 3.8:

  • SignalScope directly supports the miniDSP UMIK-1 and Dayton UMM-6 USB measurement microphones. Sensitivity calibration data for these mics can be downloaded automatically, just by entering the mic’s serial number. Making calibrated sound level measurements is as easy as plugging in the UMIK-1 or UMM-6, typing in its serial number, and getting started with the analysis tool of your choice (the serial number only needs to be entered once, after which the app will remember the microphone sensitivity). An internet connection is required to download sensitivity information for the microphone.
  • SignalScope directly supports the Digiducer 333D01 USB digital accelerometer, and can automatically load serial number and sensitivity calibration information directly from the device. Making calibrated acceleration measurements is as easy as plugging in the 333D01 and getting started with the analysis tool of your choice.
  • Minor bug fixes and cosmetic improvements.
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SignalScope - SingnalScope's Project Toolbox helps you select which modules you would like to activate before starting the analysis process.SignalScope - The Spectogram enables you to measure and display various signals from different input channels.SignalScope - From the X/Y Plotter you can monitor different values for a variety of audio signals.SignalScopeSignalScopeSignalScopeSignalScopeSignalScopeSignalScopeSignalScopeSignalScopeSignalScope
SignalScope versatile, modularized, multi-channel dynamic audio signal analyzer and data acquisition application for Mac users.

Helps you analyze various signals and capture data in real time

From SignalScope’s main window you have access to numerous powerful tools for multi-channel, audio-band data acquisition and real-time analysis of acoustical, electrical and electroacoustic signals and systems.

SignalScope is specially designed to work with Mac-compatible audio hardware and, as result, it features support for multiple channels of 8, 16, 24 and 32-bit data with high sample rates.

Quickly access and customize the settings of the used tool

After creating a new project or loading and existing one, SignalScope offers you instant access to all the tools it has to offer. Thus, you can load and use one or more FFT analyzers, Oscilloscopes, Spectrograms, as well as X/Y plotters.

Additional measurements help you reveal the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), crest factor, rms, peak and peak-to-peak signal levels, total harmonic distortion (THD, THD+N), signal mean, variance, standard deviation values and more.

As mentioned above, your projects may contain one or more tools available in the toolbox, as well as the data captured and associated with those tools. It is worth mentioning that you are allowed to create a maximum of two tools of each type.

Export your data to ascii text or MAT-files and import it into third-party apps

On top of that, SignalScope offers advanced configuring options for input device parameters and allows you to assign units, labels and transducer sensitivities to individual input channels. Each featured tool comes with its own dynamic graph that is updated in real time, several input, display and  triggering options.

The Device IO Setup window helps you enable, disable and customize the selected device and change settings like the sample rate ranges, nominal sample rate, IO buffer size and other related values.

At the same time, the top toolbar helps you start, stop, capture and export the received data, while the Project Toolbox panel offers individual control over all featured tool.

SignalScope was reviewed by , last updated on February 23rd, 2015

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later (Intel only)

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