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A versatile and powerful signal analysis tool that makes it easy for your to process, measure and analyze electrical, acoustical and electrostatics signals

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SignalScope Pro is a fully-featured, modularized and multi-channel dynamic signal analyzer and data acquisition environment for your Mac.

Advanced signal analyzer and data capturing tool

SignalScope Pro comes with a user-oriented interface and a set of powerful tools specially designed for multi-channel, audio-band data acquisition and real-time analysis of acoustical, electroacoustic and electrical signals and systems.

With SignalScope Pro’s help you can effortlessly perform accurate measurements of acoustic quantities, such as acoustic and electroacoustic systems along along with equivalent and time-weighted sound levels.

Compatibility with a wide variety of audio hardware

Moreover, SignalScope Pro comes with support for all Mac-compatible audio hardware and it can handle multiple channels of 8, 16, 24 and 32 bit data with high sample rates. From SignalScope Pro’s main window you have quick and easy access to various built-in tools like the FFT Analyzer, Meter Bridge, Octave Analyzer, Oscilloscope, Signal Generator, Sound Level Meter, Spectrogram and X/Y Plotter.

On top of that, SignalScope Pro offers additional measurements like the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), total harmonic distortion (THD, THD+N), signal mean, variance and standard deviation values, crest factor and rms, peak-to-peak signal levels, Flat, A and C-weighted equivalent (Leq), time-weighted (Lp), sound levels and more.

Create Highly-customizable projects based on your needs

Thanks to the above mentioned tools and features you can easily create, configure and save project files with one or more tools available in the toolbox, along with the captured data associated with the tools.

It is worth mentioning that SignalScope Pro allows you to create up to two tools for each type. For example, you have the option to create a project with one oscilloscope, two FFT analyzers and two signal generators, each of them capable to simultaneously analyze multiple input channels of any given device.

What is more, SignalScope Pro enables its users to easily configure input and output device parameters, assign labels, units and transducer sensitivities to individual input and output channels.

SignalScope Pro was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on February 23rd, 2015
SignalScope Pro - From SignalScope Pro's main window you will be able to select between various analysis tools.SignalScope Pro - The FFT Analyzer enables you to monitor, record and analyze the sound received from your input device.SignalScope Pro - The Meter Bridge helps you analyze and monitor multiple data from the received sound.SignalScope Pro - screenshot #4SignalScope Pro - screenshot #5SignalScope Pro - screenshot #6SignalScope Pro - screenshot #7SignalScope Pro - screenshot #8SignalScope Pro - screenshot #9SignalScope Pro - screenshot #10SignalScope Pro - screenshot #11SignalScope Pro - screenshot #12SignalScope Pro - screenshot #13SignalScope Pro - screenshot #14SignalScope Pro - screenshot #15SignalScope Pro - screenshot #16SignalScope Pro - screenshot #17

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