Shazam 1.0.1

Helps you discover new music, bands and albums and makes it easy for you to find out the name of the artist and title of the song played near your Mac

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Shazam - From Shazam's status bar menu you can quickly view the found songs and turn on or off the app.Shazam - By accessing the Options menu helps you configure Shazam to start at login.Shazam - Shazam seamlessly integrates with OS X's Notification Center and displays alerts when a song is detected.
Shazam is a simple, unobtrusive and smooth-running Mac OS X application that comes with music identification capabilities.

Helps you to quickly and effortlessly find, discover and share new songs, artists and albums

Shazam is designed to use your Mac’s built-in microphone in order to gather a short sample of the music being played. With the collected data, Shazam automatically create an acoustic fingerprint that is compared against a central database for a match.

In other words, you can use Shazam to retrieve detailed information about the currently played track and find out the artist, song title and album.

Take advantage of provided links and gain access to lyrics, music videos and iTunes buy links

On top of that, Shazam provides relevant web links to services such as iTunes and even its own webpage for additional information about the song and artist, as well as buy links from iTunes. On top of that, you can preview the found track, along with other songs from the album directly on Shazam’s discover page.

Shazam quietly runs in the background and listens to the sound captured by your Mac’s microphone. When a match is made, Shazam automatically displays a notification with the song name and artist via OS X’s Notification Center.

Keep track and share of all your discoveries with ease

All detected tracks are added to the playlist that you can view via Shazam’s status bar menu, from where you have access to lyrics, music videos and iTunes buy links. The Options sub-menu helps you configure Shazam to automatically start at login.

Shazam was reviewed by , last updated on August 3rd, 2014

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.9 or later (Intel only)


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