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A straightforward vinyl emulation application that enables you to manipulate and playback digital audio files using classic vinyl turntables or CD players

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Scratch Live is a streamlined Mac OS X application specially made to operate with Rane hardware in order to help you mix and scratch music using your Mac.

Mix digital audio like a pro using vinyl records or CDs

Hence, you can use Scratch Live to playback MP3, WAV, OGG, AIFF and non-DRM AAC files via special timecode vinyl records or CDs.

The main purpose of Scratch Live is to bring together the flexibility and versatility of digital audio files with the tactile control of vinyl turntablism.

Scratch Live delivers a comprehensive set of features that cover cueing, looping, keylock, as well as the SP-6 Sample Player and effects that make it a desirable app for beginners and a must have for professionals.

Mix using up to four decks at the same time

With Scratch Live you can mix and scratch on up to four decks while taking advantage of the state of the art NoiseMap technology capable to track the motion of the record in order to deliver unparalleled sensitivity and responsiveness.

Although Scratch Live’s interface seems crowded at first, you’ll be able to quickly get familiar with the layout and learn how to load songs, add effects and track to play queue.

Moreover, and track to queue is capable to analyze all files, access your iTunes library and play songs from your playlists. It goes without saying that you are required to have one of the supported Rane hardware in order to be able to use Scratch Live.

Tweak Scratch Live’s settings and enable or disable various plug-ins

By accessing the Setup panel, you can adjust the USB buffer latency, enable or disable various playback options, change certain vinyl control settings and enable or disable various plug-ins with the click of a mouse button.

Unfortunately, Scratch Live is discontinued and no new updates will be available for the app, however, support for the app will be available until 2015. On the the bright side, the DVS technology used in Scratch Live will be available in the new editions of Serato DJ.

Scratch Live was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on August 19th, 2014
Scratch Live - From Scratch Live's main window you will be able to access your music library and start mixing your tracks.Scratch Live - screenshot #2Scratch Live - The Settings window helps you configure your hardware device and the connection between it and your MacScratch Live - By accessing the Playback tab, you can easily enable or disable general and on song load options.Scratch Live - screenshot #5Scratch Live - screenshot #6Scratch Live - screenshot #7Scratch Live - screenshot #8

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