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An intuitive and time-efficient tool for the Mac OS X platform designed to quickly sync between your Traktor and Rekordbox databases

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Rekord Buddy is a straightforward Mac OS X solution to syncing data between the popular Traktor and Rekordbox digital audio workstations. It enable you to sync every piece of data, from beat grids to beat markers, and offers a streamlined user interface.

Working with Rekord Buddy is quite easy, as you only need to specify the Rekordbox and Traktor collection files and then choose which fields to sync, as well as an option to enable musical key translation. A variety of fields can be synced: title, artist, album, composer, mix name, remixer, label, rating, BPM and more.

Furthermore, after setting these options, you can go to the main window, select which track collection to sync and access the playlist. In the middle of the GUI, you can view the track information, including title, artist, sync info and location.

In addition to this, Rekord Buddy allows you to choose the sync way: from Rekordbox to Traktor or from Traktor to Rekordbox. Also, you can choose to sync all the music collection or just a selected track. With just a click, the data is sent back and forth and ready to be accessed from either app.

Taking everything into consideration, the Rekord Buddy app is a handy OS X tool that eliminates the need to laboriously adjust the right settings and manually copying playlists when you want to transfer data from Traktor to Rekordbox and vice versa. On top of that, the price seems reasonable considering the functionality it advertises.

Rekord Buddy was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on April 21st, 2015
Rekord BuddyRekord BuddyRekord BuddyRekord Buddy

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