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A versatile and powerful sound and music production application that helps musicians to build their own samplers, instruments, effects and sound design tools

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Reaktor is a fully-featured modular synthesizer and effects processor specially created to aid musicians and engineers in the design and creation process of instruments, effects, sound design tools and samplers.

Helps you build your sound using various tools

The powerful and reliable application comes with a collection of predefined and customizable instruments and effects that range from emulations of classic synthesizers to cutting edge sound design tools.

From Reaktor’s main window you have access to a sonic playground where you can let your imagination free and use over 70 included instruments and effects to create your own. The modular design makes it easy to customize the featured effects and instruments in order to create new ones.

At the same time, Reaktor provides a wide variety of sampling, effects and synthesis technique, as well as variety of gooveboxes, sequencers, synthesizers, sound generators, effects, sample transformers and more.

Adjust, modify and combine existing instruments and effects or create new ones

As follows, you can tweak instruments and effects with ease, customize the look of your instruments, combine two different synths, replace filters and oscillators, add sequencers or start from scratch and create new instruments.

What is more, you can download over 3 000 instruments provided by other Reaktor users from different corners of the world or contribute with your own inventions and join an innovative and dedicated community of contributors.

The great thing is that Reaktor is an effective application that promotes reverse engineering by enabling you to freely examine, customize and take apart all of its instruments.

Highly customizable user interface and ready-to-use instruments and effects

From Reaktor’s user-oriented interface you can load and work with ensembles, wire instruments in order to create new ensembles or use your imagination to create custom routing, add effects, addition filters and even chain entire instruments together.

On the whole, Reaktor is a modern and powerful Mac OS X application that helps you build your own custom synths and effects with ease.

Reaktor was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on September 29th, 2014

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