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A Mac OS X application used in conjunction with Radiologik DJ that uses iTunes as its database of playlists and particularly smart playlists for song selection

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Radiologik DJ is a Mac OS X application designed as an automated system for radio and live DJing that can read iTunes playlists. It enables you to setup completely automated radio stations by configuring which content to be played, the time announcements, podcast playback, advertisements and more.

Schedule playlists through Radiologik DJ

Radiologik Scheduler is a sidekick application for Radiologik DJ and allows you to create schedules for DJ’s iTunes-based queue list. The application can run in 2 distinct modes according to the number of features you want to use: Basic or Advanced, which you can easily switch via the app’s menu.

In the first mode, Radiologik Scheduler is able to intelligently create a selection of tracks by using filters such as interrupts, time matching or artist separation. Moreover, you can even use AppleScripts in any script line in order to add additional tasks.

Basic and advanced modes

Furthermore, the Advanced mode supports additional options such as voiceover intros and outros, criteria-based searching, time announcement scheduling and spot / ad management. What’s more, the Advanced mode is the feature set that you need to pay for, if you want to continue using.

Another benefit of using Radiologik Scheduler is the ability to create smart playlists based on your iTunes music library. You can command Radiologik Scheduler to not repeat the same tracks played in Radiologik DJ in a specified timeframe or create smart playlists based on the tempo of the songs.

A feature-laden playlist manager for radios

Taking all said into consideration, Radiologik Scheduler is a companion utility for Radiologik DJ that is capable of creating smart playlists for radio automation purposes. The app might take a while to get used to, but the feature set is quite extensive and allows for detailed fine-tuning of schedules.

Radiologik Scheduler was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on August 19th, 2015
Radiologik Scheduler - The Radiologik Scheduler main window where you can easily add new programs, associate start and end times, choose a DJ preferences set, and so onRadiologik Scheduler - The Radiologik Scheduler Script panel where you get to quickly add multiple commands to each program in order to automate the processingRadiologik Scheduler - The Radiologik Scheduler Traffic tab where you get to schedule multiple flights by providing the start and ending time, and modifying different flight parametersRadiologik Scheduler - screenshot #4Radiologik Scheduler - screenshot #5Radiologik Scheduler - screenshot #6

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