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A streamlined Mac OS X software solution that covers the needs of radio broadcasting that can be used live for radio stations or DJing

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Radiologik DJ is a Mac OS X application designed as an automated system for radio and live DJing that can read iTunes playlists. It enables you to setup completely automated radio stations by configuring which content to be played, the time announcements, podcast playback, advertisements and more.

A reliable radio automation solution

The application comes with a series of sophisticated programming settings for a comprehensive radio automation setup. Moreover, the application is suited for online stations, high school and college stations, as well as NCE-FM and LPFMs, in addition to being used for live DJing in venues.

Furthermore, Radiologik DJ can be used as a standalone solution for live DJ programming without its companion app, Radiologik Scheduler. The scheduler app is only needed if you want to create fully automated radio / podcast stations and have complete control over the playlists.

A wide array of live radio assist options

As soon as you launch Radiologik DJ, you will see a large display of the remaining time of a track and, when the time is running out, the colors are changing. What’s more, the time is simultaneously calculated for different events and can cover even the starts and stops of future tracks.

In addition to this, another important aspect is the creation of playlist, which is dependent of your iTunes music library. There are multiple ways to import music from iTunes - dragging from iTunes or the Finder or clicking a button to auto-import tracks and playlists.

An automation player and live DJ

To wrap things up, Radiologik DJ delivers a full-featured radio / podcast automation solution for the Mac OS X platform. Together with Radiologik Scheduler, it can form a powerful automated radio station, but can also be used by itself as a live assist for radio creation.

Radiologik DJ was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on August 20th, 2015
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