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Intuitive and simple to use ear training OS X application designed for both amateur and professional musicians and audio engineers

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Audiofile Engineering’s Quiztones OS X application is designed from scratch to make it as easy as possible to get your ear trained to recognize a large variety of sound frequencies.

User-friendly tool that enables you to learn and improve your tone recognizing skills

Moreover, Quiztones comes with a highly intuitive interface which enables you to start honing your audio frequency identifying skills tight away.

Quiztones makes use of a variety of tones, noises and even music loops from your own library to allow you to learn how to better use your ear to pickup even the slightest variations in frequency.

Above everything else, Quiztones is a tool to greatly improve the quality of your work as a music professional, helping you get the most out of any project you work on by being able to detect all audio flaws in your mixes.

Quiz-based game that allows you to hone your audio frequency recognition skills while playing

Quiztones uses quizzes to make sure that you work on your tone recognition without feeling of actually working on something, camouflaging the actual training exercises as parts of a game with a scoring system as an incentive of working as hard as you can.

While using Quiztones to boost your frequency recognition ability you won’t feel like working but, as it should happen with all educational tools, as if you are having fun playing an intricate and quite demanding game that manages to teach you something at the same time.

Minimalist and easy to use ear training utility, with a focus on instrument versatility

Quiztones enables you to train your ear on a variety of subjects like vocals, guitars, strings, orchestra and even on eccentric ones like pink noise. All of these training stages are used as a foundation for improving your audio level recognition skills.

As an added bonus, once you complete all the quizzes in Quiztones, you will be able to completely eliminate the need for frequency sweeps, and to make sure that frequency and noise buildups are a thing of the past in your audio projects.

Quiztones was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on September 7th, 2015
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