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A practical and easy-to-follow video sampler tutorial, presented by Bill Burgess, that will show you the new features available in Pro Tools 10

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Pro Tools 10 100 is a straightforward video course that will help you discover the all new features of the Pro Tools 10.

Pro Tools 10 100 is a free five video sampler presented by Bill Burgess and is available via the App Store. In order to install Pro Tools 10 100 you just have to click on the install button and provide your Apple ID and password. The app will require 84.1 MB of your Mac's hard disk space.

Pro Tools is a fully-featured digital audio workstation specially designed for professionals from the audio industry that require advanced tools to record and edit audio in television post production, music and film production, MIDI sequencing and musical notation.

Pro Tools 10 100 comes with a user-oriented interface from which you can easily start playing the video tutorial, access the Software Tip section and the Chapter List menu.

Thanks to Pro Tools 10 100 you will be able to learn about the 32-bit floating point architecture, the clip-based volume automation, the new instruments and FX that you can use in your production.

In the five videos you can follow Bill Burgess as he uses and demonstrates the new features and view how to work with MIDI and create your own beats.

The course can be visualized in window or full screen mode while the intuitive built-in video player helps you control the playback by pausing, resuming the video or skimming through the tutorial with just a few mouse clicks.

During the course the used keyboard shortcuts and other used commands will be displayed in order for you to view and learn them.

In conclusion, Pro Tools 10 100 is a useful and easy-to-use video tutorial that will help you discover the new features provided by the Pro Tools 10.

Pro Tools 10 100 was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on October 15th, 2013
Pro Tools 10 100 - This is the tutorial's starting point that will begin to teach you about Pro Tools.Pro Tools 10 100 - These are the main chapters of the tutorial.Pro Tools 10 100 - Things will be explained step by step.Pro Tools 10 100 - This video tutorial will give you an insight about Pro Tools' functionality.Pro Tools 10 100 - This part will teach you about the AIR instruments.

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