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A free and open source application that is designed from the ground up to provide you with all the necessary tools for sound stretching

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How the human brain works is interesting in a large variety of ways, for example the way our eyes capture light in order to see and the way it processes sounds in order to hear.

Sometimes though, one might want to have a more insightful view of things by slowing down the whole process and gaining a deeper feel and a more complex understanding of what really feeds our senses.

Long ago, in the early 20th century, an Austrian priest in the film-making industry invented the slow motion effect. Extrapolating the same idea in music and fast-forwarding to our times, sound stretching is made possible by using specialized audio software.

Simple and streamlined software solution for sound stretching

PaulStretch is a simple and straightforward application that makes it easy for you to perform extreme sound stretching of audio files. Moreover, getting to grips with the application is quite easy, and, despite the fact that it doesn’t feature a typical OS X interface, all its controls were intuitively organized and within easy reach all the time we used it.

PaulStretch is designed in such a way that it produces high quality sound stretching by changing the duration of the audio file, without distorting the sound in an unpleasant and unnatural manner.

Stretch your sounds using one of the three inbuilt algorithms and a wide variety of audio fine-tuning tools

It's definitely worth mentioning that PaulStretch comes with support for some of the most popular audio file types, namely WAV, OGG, VORBIS, and MP3 files.

Furthermore, PaulStretch helps you process sounds with the help of three audio transformation modes: a “Stretch” mode that stretches the sound up to 10.000 times, a “HyperStretch” mode that offers an extreme stretch of up to times, as well as a “Shorten” mode that actually reduces the length of the sound.

Last but not least, in order to achieve the best results, PaulStretch offers you many post-processing effects like filters, pitch and frequency shifter, an octave mixer, a spread tools, a tonal-noise filter, and many more useful tools for transforming any audio track into something sublime and spectacular.

Hear sounds and music from a totally different perspective and enjoy the calmness of stretched audio

All in all, PaulStretch is a simple to use and trustworthy sound stretcher that provides you with the unique opportunity of hearing audio tracks in a way that our brains are not used to.

PaulStretch was reviewed by Vladimir Ciobica
Last updated on December 16th, 2014
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